princess and the frog
How do I play Tiana? Got critique, praise? What ever you'd like to say post it here, sugah.

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princess and the frog
❦ Relationships

♥ = crush
♠ = like
♦ = dislike
♣ = neutral

Lottie ♠♠♠♠♠♠
BFF! They've been friends since they were young, and despite the economic differences they manage to get along. Amazingly Tia can handle Lottie's....eccentricities and will do anything to help her out.

Belle ♠♠
Likes her well enough. They haven't talked a whole lot but Tiana would love to spend more time with her.

Giselle ♠♠
He's nice, and he implied Kuzco is stupid. So he gets a point in my book.

Still a bit stuck on the idea that she's a cat. But whatever, she can handle it.

She thinks Ariel is adorable.

Only talked for a hot second. But she seems nice enough to Tia

Though she doesn't know her very well, she kind of wants to go on an adventure with her.

disney_academy info and permissions
princess and the frog
❦ basics
name:Tiana "Tia"
age: 19
Gender: Female
Movie/series: Princess and the Frog
year or position: 2nd Year of College
Non-Speaking Animal Companion(if any): None
Powers(if any): Kissing turns other people into random animals (doesn't have to be on the lips and is only temporary)

❦ In depth:
Personality: Tiana's a determined young woman from a hard background. Since she lost her father young she's felt the need to take on a lot of responsibility and try to take care of everything at once. She often gets lost in tasks and her own duties and doesn't know when to take a minute to just take a breather and calm down. She keeps most of this anxiety inside her head, not because she feels the need to hide herself, rather because she's just used to doing her own thing without people stopping her. If you do stop and ask what she's worrying about, be ready for a bit of an avalanche.

She's also a bit snarky, she tells it like it is without any sugar coating and doesn't believe in an easy way out. She's a bit more on the logical side, but if you let her she can get lost in a bit of whimsy. She tries to keep her head firmly on planet earth though and make sure to think things through. She can be a bit on the more anal retentive side, however can stand a bit of chaos(Lottie IS her best friend after all!).

Mostly, Tiana's a compassionate person who loves her friends and family, she wants to do her best for them and make them all proud. Most importantly she'd also like to do it for herself so she can prove that she doesn't need help and doesn't have to be a burden to her loved ones.

Canon Background: Here!
AU Background: Born and raised in New Orleans Tiana has always dreamed of bigger things then living with her mom in her small house. Her father planned to start a restaurant when she was younger but died before he ever got the chance to start it up. However, she started working when she was young and has saved money for her restaurant. But one day her dreams come true when Lottie asks her to help cater a dinner party to help seduce the prince into marrying Charlotte. She immediately goes to make a bid on the building which she has been dreaming of putting her restaurant in from day one.

However, their plans go a bit awry when they find out the REAL Prince Naveen is a frog and his servant has been posing as him at the party. Lottie kisses him and he transforms back into a prince. The Shadow Man appears and tries to take revenge on Lottie using a curse, however Tiana jumps in to save her friend at the last minute. This leaves them with most.... unusual powers. Lottie with her super insane strength (only matched by her power to talk people to death) manages to chase the Shadow Man away. Tiana also gets cheated by the two business men who were going to sell her the space for her restaurant. This leaves her with no money and back to square one.

Lottie and Naveen start dating and shortly thereafter Tiana gets an invitation to Disney Academy. She decides to go in order to try and fix her curse and make a new beginning somewhere else.
Appearance:Coming soon
Classes: n/a
Clubs: n/a
Best Subject: Home Ec
How long have they been at the school(remember this school is from kindergarten on): Second year of college is her first year

❦ Permissions
Kissing/hugging/etc: Hugging is fine, but kiss at your own risk. REMEMBER THE CURSE!
Injuries: okay with me
Killing: Please contact me first
Mindreading/memory wiping/etc.: Mindreading is fine with me, esp the Shadow Man. ;D, Let's talk about anything else


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